I highly recommend Breathe Diversity Pilates and Fitness. It is one of my most favorite places to be! The owners Sonya and Sherrese are the best! I have never felt stronger and more in-tuned with my body. As a massage therapist my job is physically and mentally demanding, but luckily I have this place to help take care of me. My back and shoulders are stronger then they have ever been, my posture has improved and I feel amazing! Having Sonya and Sherrese guide me in classes and on the reformers has brought strength, fun, and balance to my life. Every week, every class is different and challenges me in many ways. I can’t say enough about studio. Huge thank you to Sonya and Sherrese and the community of Breathe Diversity Pilates and Fitness.

Katie G., Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve been taking Pilates classes from Sherrese for at least 5 or 6 years. Initially, the classes interested me because I didn’t know what Pilates was and because they were offered free to Hospital staff. To be perfectly honest I HATE every minute of exercise and I’m watching the clock the whole time. What keeps me coming back twice per week is Sherrese’s teaching style. She’s tough and pushes us to do things we think aren’t physically possible – like holding a plank. All with her wonderful sense of humor! She also changes it up so we’re never bored!

I ALWAYS leave class glad I came! I also know my core is strong because of Sherrese!”

Kathleen E., Santa Rosa, CA

Pilates has given me a new lens to working out and has introduced me to new found strength I did not know existed.  I love the incorporation of breath with every movement. Not only am I physically strengthening myself but also mentally and spiritually!  Thank you Sherrese for your expertise and breathing life back into my workouts!

Farrah R., Santa Rosa, CA

I began Pilates with Sonya Monk in January of 2010, two months after breaking both of my humerus (arm) bones near the shoulder in an accident. In my unique situation, Sonya helped me to form and work on my initial goal of moving my shoulders (no matter how little) at each session. Even though I was weak from the accident, she directed me in core and whole body work allowing me over time to recover mobility and range of motion. Today I continue working at Pilates with Sonya, working on arm, leg, and core strength, balance and mobility. Sonya employs a professional manner, encouraging her clients in proper form, using her exceptional knowledge of Pilates techniques and principles to instruct us. I leave each session feeling refreshed; happily knowing I had a good workout.

Phyllis M., Retired Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

Sherrese has been my Pilates instructor for over 10 years and it’s been a lot of hard work on my behalf but it’s been a fun ride. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, detailed instructions, caring, dependability are the traits that put her at the top of her field. She encourages you to do your best and modify as needed and allow for injuries. Her antidotes are entertaining and funny. Her instructions are seamless as you progress from one move to the next – making sure the class is warmed-up properly. She’s one of a kind and the best.

Jennifer S., Santa Rosa, CA

Since starting Pilates, I have experienced a tremendous change in my body and in my self. I feel stronger, healthier, more balanced, and have better muscle tone than I can ever remember having. I know I owe my success to Sonya. Her attention to detail and understanding of not just how the human body but each individual body works make the workouts feel like I’m rewarding my body rather than punishing it like I had experienced before with other trainers and exercises. I look forward to my workouts rather than dread them. Sonya is a fantastic instructor and does a great job of working with and motivating me to get my body working and feeling the way it should.

Summer W., Student, Santa Rosa, CA