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Breathe Diversity Pilates + Fitness is an intimate, full service studio conveniently located in downtown Santa Rosa. We offer private Pilates, personal training, classes and group reformer trainings. Pilates is a mind-body practice, appealing to all fitness levels. It can be gentle for beginners, those recovering from injury and challenging enough to satisfy your most advanced athletes. The majority of our Reformer + Fit classes are Pilates based, with a focus on fitness. Each class is a complete workout in 50 minutes.

We Believe

Being part of a diverse exercise community creates a love of fitness; encourages consistency; and elevates body, mind, and spirit.

Studio Offerings

  • Private Pilates and Personal Training
  • Group Reformer
  • Group Reformer + Fit
  • Pilates Mat Classes
  • HIIT
  • Low Impact Strength
  • Small Group Training
  • TRX, BOSU, Weights
  • Private and Group Yoga

Since starting Pilates, I have experienced a tremendous change in my body and in my self. I feel stronger, healthier, more balanced, and have better muscle tone than I can ever remember having. I know I owe my success to Sonya. Her attention to detail and understanding of not just how the human body but each individual body works make the workouts feel like I’m rewarding my body rather than punishing it like I had experienced before with other trainers and exercises. I look forward to my workouts rather than dread them. Sonya is a fantastic instructor and does a great job of working with and motivating me to get my body working and feeling the way it should.

Summer W., Student, Santa Rosa, CA