Michael Wong

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer

Michael spent many years in the fitness industry before embarking on a journey into the world of Pilates. His love for this fitness form was immediate, enjoying every aspect of it – from the breath work to the delicate balance it offered. More than just a means to stay fit, Pilates presented an opportunity for Michael to explore intentional control of body movements, an element that he found important to a fitness routine.

His reason for transitioning from a student to a teacher was as insightful as it was simple. Having grown up with the belief that teaching is the best form of learning, he decided to instruct and guide others. This wasn’t just about sharing knowledge but also about deepening his own understanding and connection to Pilates.

Michael’s teaching style is unique. Rather than following the high-intensity and often intimidating portrayals of fitness in popular culture, he prefers guiding his students gently, promoting an enjoyment of the process. However, he is no stranger to intensity and is more than willing to take sessions up a notch, scaling to a “10” if that’s what the student seeks.

His diverse training background gives Michael a unique perspective to what he offers. Apart from being a certified personal trainer through NASM, Michael has achieved a level 2 in Archery instruction and also continues education through various trainings here at Breathe Diversity Pilates.

But beyond the mats and fitness studios, there’s a lighter side to him. If you ever consider inviting him for a meal, remember one thing – no cilantro, please! It’s the one thing Michael could certainly live without.